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The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
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Board Basics online

Board Basics Online Demo

Learn what makes a good board and a good director when it suits your schedule. Try the Board Basics Online Demo now, and begin your adventure in online learning today.

The success of any housing co‑op depends on the co‑op having an effective board of directors. Board Basics gives you the knowledge you need to become an effective board member. Along with the board members of “Vista Co‑op” you’ll learn

  • the difference between governance and management
  • the Core Management Standards
  • the board’s accountability and legal obligations
  • the key elements of a good board meeting
  • how to govern effectively, and
  • the legal basics of being a director.

Board Basics is an in-depth and interactive course and a perfect complement to traditional Board training workshops. You will watch videos, hear audio tips from the “Vista” board members, and get instant feedback from self-checks.

Whether you are thinking of running for your co‑op’s board, are a new director or just want a refresher, Board Basics will give you valuable insight into of one of the most important jobs in a housing co‑op.

Board Basics is available only to CHF Canada members and costs $50. You will have access to the course for three months after you register.

CHF Canada is offering a discount to co‑ops that want to purchase Board Basics for five or more directors. If your co‑op purchases Board Basics for ten or more directors CHF Canada will give you a 15% discount on the cost of the registration. If your co‑op purchases Board Basics for ten directors CHF Canada will give you 10% off the cost of registration.

Want to share this information with your board or members? Try our easy to print flyer on Board Basics Online available in black and white and colour.

How to register:

Use a credit card.

Invoice — CHF Canada can invoice member co‑ops or organization directly for online learning. Have your co‑op manager contact the Online Learning Administrator to setup your registrations.

Bulk purchase — To receive the 10% or 15% discount for bulk purchases of Board Basics Online have your co‑op manager contact the Online Learning Administrator.

*Prices do not include applicable taxes. Tax rates (either GST or HST) are determined by the location of the user.